This project was to teach other kids what to do when they are being cyberbullied. Our main message of this audio was to tell people what cyberbullying is, and also we tried to tell you, our listeners, what different types of cyberbullying there are. We told you in a way that wouldn't make you want to stop in the middle. We told you in a kind of funny way. as in the perspective of a game show. This was a project that was based off of a question: What is cyberbullying? Later in your life, or even now, when you get cyberbullied, this message might help you in your time of need. You would probably know what type of cyberbullying you are getting bullied with. So if you get cyberbullied we have two tips to tell you: First of all you should probably tell a trusted adult that you know wouldn't make things even worse than they were before. Secondly, you might want to ignore them because they might stop. But they might just send you more mean messages. This audio has helped us, because we learned more about cyberbullying and we also learned to help others, our listeners just like you.

This production was made by Aedan and Anton.